For a number of years, Tim was the Master Sculptor for a memorial company where he managed a crew of five. As a team, they created well over 2,000 memorials a year in a five state region. During this time, Tim specialized in lay out and custom granite carving, creating many new and unique designs. He became one of the few sculptors in the United States capable of reproducing memorials and architectural details from the 19th and early 20th century.He continues to sculpt in various classes of stone for private collectors including granite, sandstone and marble.


Tim Trask cast his first bronze in 1971 and has spent a lifetime creating fine art. In order to fully learn the art of sculpture, he worked at several foundries where he learned all of the stages and techniques in creating bronze sculpture. Subsequently, he built his own foundry and completed each process by himself for a number of years.            
‚ÄčTim has experimented with the casting process by adding special alloys to strengthen the bronze to create sculptures that seem to take flight. His expertise includes sculpture, point up, mold making and assembly.  With his vast knowledge in the bronze and foundry process he is responsible for contributing and creating well over 100 monumental bronzes for him and fellow artists.Tim has also worked both freelance and full time for a number of sign companies where he has created unique bronze plaques and lettering.  Currently he focuses on historical figures and large scale monumental bronzes.  His phenomenal attention to portraiture detail and historical accuracy has gained media attention and enthusiastic collectors from all over the globe.

Tim Trask, Master Bronze and Stone Sculptor