Noteworthy Work

Monumental and Public Art 
 2008 – Bronze Wyatt Earp “Stepping Into Legend” eight feet.  Location:   Tombstone , ArizonaØ  
1997 -- Bronze John Reid “Father of American Golf” seven feet.  Location: Fox Hollow Golf Course, Lakewood , Colorado and Saint David , Arizona
1997— Bronze life size male golfer, life size female golfer.  Location: Ute Creek Golf Course, Longmont , Colorado
1985 – Grizzly Bear “Old Grizz” eight foot Location: Private Collector 
1979 – Olympic Shield and Torch with accompanying bronze plaque for the United States Olympic Committee 2 foot by 3 foot .  Location: The Summit of Pikes Peak , Colorado
1998 – Meteor (5’x10’) and Impact Crater ( 22’ diameter) sculpted, pigmented and waterproof in ferro cement. Location: Scott Carpenter Park , Boulder Colorado
1995 – Tyrannosaurus Rex 18 ½’ pigmented, waterproof ferro cement.  Location: City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department, Boulder , Colorado
1994 – (2) Crocodiles eight feet waterproof, ferro cement.  Location: Elitch Gardens Six Flags, Denver , Colorado
1993 – (4) Crocodiles eight feet waterproof, ferro cement.  Location: Hyland Hills Adventure Golf, Westminster , Colorado
1990 – “ Lost River of the Pharaohs” (6) seven and half feet Egyptian Pharaohs and (11) ten feet Egyptian Columns of fiber-glass reinforced concrete.  Location:  Waterworld Waterpark Federal Heights , Colorado .
1992- “The Dora Moore School ” Replacement of 150 pieces of historical building.  Entail working closely with Colorado Historical Society to sculpt historically accurate architectural details.  Location: Dora Moore School , Denver , Colorado .
​1980 – “Memorial to the Survivors of the Holocaust” Eight ton Granite carved and sandblasted onsite.  Scene depicts “Crystal Night,” when Jewish people were rounded up in Poland .  Location: Mineral Palace Park , Pueblo , Colorado .